John W. Osby, Acting Chair

Mr. Osby recently completed a 36yr career with E.I. Dupont, where his center of focus was the execution of capital projects to expand capacity and…Read more >>


Dr. Donetta Goodall, Vice Chair – Strategy

Dr. Donetta Poole Goodall, Vice-Chair of the Board/ Vice-Chair of Strategy for the Prairie View A&M Foundation, received a Bachelors’ Degree in…Read more>>


Jiles P. Daniels, Jr., Secretary

Jiles was born in Frankfurt, Germany. Although Jiles resided in several places while growing up (Texas, Virginia, and Germany), he considers… Read more >>


Samuel J. Coleman, Treasurer

Samuel J. Coleman (Sam) is a 1977 graduate of Prairie View A&M University with a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering and is a retired… Read more >>


Ricky Anderson

Attorney Ricky Anderson is a 1983 graduate of Prairie View A&M University, receiving a Bachelor of Business Administration and his Juris…Read more >>


Dameshia DeFlora

Dameshia DeFlora has a background in Management Consulting, specializing in program management, change management, process improvement…Read more >>


Dr. Renee F. Dorn

Dr. Renee Dorn grew up in the City of Inglewood, California, graduated from Beverly Hills High School, and matriculated to Prairie View A&M…Read more >>


Terrence Gee

Terrence Gee is a seasoned technology and organizational strategist with over three decades of experience helping teams, executives, and…Read more >>


Ronald W. Haggerty

Ron Haggerty is an attorney at the Ronald Haggerty Law Firm located in Sugar Land, Texas. Ron is also a mechanical engineer and registered…Read more >>


Christopher Houston

Christopher Houston is originally from the Piney Woods of East Texas.  He has worked domestically and abroad internationally and has been a…Read more >>


Carl Jackson

Carl Jackson was born in Bay City, TX. He earned his B.S. degree in 1963 and his M.S. in 1975, both from Prairie View A&M University.  Mr… Read more >>


Carl E. Johnson

Carl Johnson received his bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from Prairie View A&M University in 1979.  He has completed additional…Read more >>


Odie McGowan

Odie Woods-McGowan earned bachelor and master’s degrees from Prairie View A&M University in 1967 and 1975 respectively. While balancing…Read more >>


Fred Newhouse

Frederick (Fred) Newhouse is a native of Hallsville, Texas, and currently resides in Houston.  He attended Prairie View A&M University…Read more >>


Jason Sowers

Jason Sowers, a Houston, Texas native, brings over 20 years of experience in public accounting and business advisory. He is the Founder…Read more >>


Oscar Taylor

Oscar Taylor has extensive training in professional sales, marketing, and leadership effectiveness.  Oscar held successful positions in Sales…Read more >>


W. A. (Willie) Tempton, Jr.

W. A. (Willie) Tempton, Jr. is currently an independent businessman, operating a consulting company which provides leadership and operations…Read more >>


Barbara Tompkins-Brown

Barbara Tompkins-Brown graduated from Prairies View A&M University in 1980 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering. She…Read more>>


Emmit Wooten, Jr.

Emmitt H. Wooten Jr., P.E., M.B.A. is North American Early Career Director with Dow Inc., a leading US-based material science company.  He…Read more >>


Marvin D. Brailsford, Ermeritus

Lieutenant General (Ret.) Marvin D. Brailsford was born in Burkeville, Texas on January 31, 1939.  He graduated cum laude and as a distinguished…Read more >>


Ernest B. Collins, Emeritus

Ernie grew up on a farm in Travis County, approximately seven miles southeast of Austin, Texas. The farm, located on Dee Gabriel Collins Road, has…Read more >>


Phyllis R. Darden-Caldwell, Emerita

Phyllis Darden-Caldwell earned her B.S. and M.S. degrees from Prairie View A & M University in 1980 and 1981, respectively…Read more >>


Nathelyne A. Kennedy, Emerita

Nathelyne Archie Kennedy, a professional engineer, received her Bachelor of Science degree in Architectural Engineering in 1959 from Prairie View…Read more >>


Roy G. Perry

Roy G. Perry, a Houston, Texas native, received a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from Prairie View A&M University in 1978. He is a Sloan…Read more >>