Brick/Seat Questions

– What can be written on the bricks or seats?

– Where will my brick be placed in the walk path?

– How will my Seat Naming Location be determined?

– If a Group purchases a number of Bricks can all these Bricks be placed together on the walk path?

– If I buy season tickets can I have my seat inscription placed on my seats?

– Can I purchase a PSL (permanent seat license) at the new Stadium?

– Why are Rows 1 through 8 on the Home and Visitors considered Preferred?

– How do I order a brick or seat naming?

– How will I know my brick or seat request has been received?

– When will the bricks and seats inscriptions be placed?

– What will happen to my funds prior to the placement of the bricks and seats?

– How can I get an update on what is happening with the brick and seat program and the progress be

– Will the Foundation or University make changes to verbiage or placement location

– How will my seat inscription location be determined?

– If I name a Seat will I be able to sit in it when I attend a game in the Stadium.

General Questions

– PVAMU has existed for more than 130 years without a Foundation, why now?

– How often should I make a gift to the Foundation?

– As a donor, will I be kept informed of the Foundation’s progress?

– What is PVAMF’s relationship to PVAMU?

– Can I give with confidence knowing that my on-line giving is secure?

– What are Unrestricted, Restricted and Restricted Endowed Funds?

– How are the Foundation’s giving priorities set?

– Is the Foundation a function of the Prairie View A&M University?

– Are Trustees of the Foundation compensated for their service?

– What is the advantage of donating to the Foundation rather than to the University

– Why does the Foundation need operational donations?

– Who makes the decision on how funds are allocated?

– What gifting instruments can the Foundation support?

– Can I track my gifts to the Foundation online?

– Can I direct my gift to the school or college of my choice?