- How will my seat inscription location be determined?

a. Purple seat inscriptions will be placed based upon the date of purchase, in rows 1 – 16 of sections 106, 107 and 108 situated below the Club Suite.
b. $500 bleacher seat inscriptions will be placed based upon the date of purchase and the number purchased on an order.  The inscription will be placed on the seats starting on the Home Side, just outside of the purple seat area starting with Row 1 and alternating around the purple seating area – north side, then south side. When Row 1 is completed, the process will be repeated for Rows 2 – 8. This process will advance to the Visitor side and be repeated until all Preferred Seats are placed.  This process excludes “Purple Seat” inscriptions.
c. All “other” bleacher seat Inscriptions will follow the same process beginning at the 50 yard line on Row 9.
d. Orders with several seat inscriptions will be placed in sequential order on the same row if possible.

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