History of the PVAMF

History of the PVAMF

While the Prairie View A&M Foundation was established in June 2009 to support a continuing legacy of excellence at Prairie View A&M University, its roots extend from the university‚Äôs recent capital campaign.  This successful campaign to raise $30 million ended in 2008 and began with 25 dedicated alumni and university administrators serving as Cabinet Members.  During the years of fundraising, the Cabinet members served as ambassadors and became well acquainted with some of the obstacles and challenges that PVAMU faced when soliciting funds on behalf of their alma mater. 

These challenges included:

  • Grantors who required applications from 501(c)(3) entities
  • Projects not eligible for state funding such as athletics
  • Increasing endowments for scholarships to attract top students
  • Increasing endowments for chairs to attract top faculty

As the Extend The View: Shape Tomorrow, Today Capital Campaign came to a close, the founding board members of PVAMF accepted the challenge to continue what they started as cabinet members.  PVAMF Board of Trustees has been educated on alumni giving, strengthening endowments and the specific challenges of state-supported universities.  The organization is empowered by this history and the passion of these alumni who are personally dedicated to Growing Greatness Through Giving.


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