Chariman and President Roy G. Perry

We, the Prairie View A&M family, have completed what many felt was impossible. We have built a sports complex on our campus that is second to none. With this accomplishment behind us, let us focus our energy on what we can continue to accomplish together.

Our students have expressed an overwhelming faith in the capability of our alumni base. We came to Prairie View A&M University because of those graduates and educators we came to know as we grew up in our neighborhoods. The majority of our community leaders and educators were PV graduates. We watched them respond to challenges and expectations day in and day out. Where has that Panther zeal gone? When conversing with alums, I feel the urge to assert, “examine your souls and use your innate abilities to be great. Don’t limit your capabilities; open your minds to the greatness within yourselves.”  During my career, different experiences have taught me that I can achieve my dreams with a plan, laser focus, and commitment.

The euphoria of accomplishment, satisfaction of completion, meeting the goal, and excelling to the dream is an experience that all alums must experience and enjoy. Set a goal, no matter how small, achieve it, and set another. We, as alums, must realize that our involvement is required to advance our University on every level – scholastic, research, instruction, and athletics. We must give and stay involved to advance our university. We can help Prairie View A&M University by giving, as we are able, our time, experience and finances. More importantly than giving, our involvement in every area of the university is a must. We must get involved, we must question leadership, and we must listen to our student’s needs.

Our students have challenged us!  Will you remain involved in the future of Prairie View A&M University? Our University needs the collective us!


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